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Oak Park Denture Clinic.

As a Dental Prosthetist, I strive to restore peoples dignity and self confidence following tooth loss. I aim to reinstate (or sometimes, improve) your natural appearance whilst maintaining optimal function.

Primarily our focus is to get to know you.

After discussing your hopes and expectations I will employ my 30+ years of experience to guide you through the many options to facilitate the best possible solution. This may be in the form of various types of partial dentures as well as full denture sets and mouthguards. Sometimes treatment may be as simple as a polish and clean. At other times a denture repair or alteration may be required. For some clients, new dentures will be the reason for your visit.

There are even times when we are asked to make dentures prior to natural teeth being extracted. This is a relatively common practice that is termed “immediate dentures”.  We often liaise with your treating dentist or oral surgeon to make the process as smooth as possible for you the patient.

Choice.  There are many different types of teeth, denture base materials, metal frames and techniques. It will be my mission to judge what you are after and marry your expectations to the many brands, techniques and materials as economically as we can manage. Ultimately, this will be your choice

Our Oak Park clinic is a long established suburban clinic with access to ample parking. Francis Winifred coffee shop is 2 doors down where you may like to relax or have a meal afterward.