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Full Dentures

Full dentures were once the bread and butter of the dental industry.

These days dentists strive to keep as many healthy natural teeth as possible. As Dental Prosthetists we find ourselves making as many or more partial dentures than ever before.

None the less, I would suggest that complete upper and lower (maxillary and mandibular) dentures are the mainstay of our work.  Upper dentures are usually the easiest to make. The upper jaw is static and the palate tends to provide suction. The lower jaw however affords less suction due to the tongue sticking up through the middle and is influenced by the movement of the muscles of facial expression and mastication.

Lower dentures therefore have much less suction and will often be less stable. I can’t stress enough the importance of being treated by a practitioner that has a proven record of experience and skill.

A couple showing there teeth

The success of full dentures relies on many factors.