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Our Premium Service

Over time we have developed a premium denture range for those that appreciate something a little extra.

Our Premium range of dentures include ultra high quality EnigmaLIFE+ teeth that were inspired by nature to provide realistic aesthetics (appearance) and function. EnigmaLife+ are  a composite/acrylic hybrid tooth as opposed to plastic. Composite is a much harder, abrasion resistant material compared to acrylic.

For our Premium Range we also use high impact acrylics that are injection moulded when forming the pink denture base for a stronger, more accurate fit .

We routinely use the Ivoclar vinyl polysiloxane impression materials to again build in the highest degree of accuracy and comfort possible.

With our Premium service we build in a combination of high-end materials with modern sophisticated technique to ultimately produce what we think will provide a more natural, durable and better fitting result. We hope that you will consider and embrace this service to realise the benefits that it will potentially provide.

There is a small extra fee for this premium service.

Enigmalife denture range